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Drug Offenses Defense Attorney — Portland

Aggressively Defending Clients Charged With Drug Offenses in the Portland Area

At both the state and federal levels, drug offenses are taken seriously and carry severe and long-lasting consequences. The prosecution will work hard to build a case against you, and they may even charge you with more severe offenses like distribution or the transportation of controlled substances. As soon as you are charged with a drug offense in the Portland area, reach out to the dedicated legal team at Dean Law Group P.C. to ensure that your rights are protected and that your future remains as bright as possible.

Steep and Lasting Penalties

In addition to possible jail or prison time, a drug conviction can carry other serious long-term consequences, including the loss of your professional license, the loss of state benefits, and severe restrictions on housing and employment opportunities. In general, the more dangerous and addictive the substance in question is, the stricter the penalties will be. In many cases, prosectors will attempt to elevate a simple possession charge to a weightier charge, such as distribution or intent to sell, so it’s important that you work with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who can anticipate the prosecutor’s tactics and fight hard for your rights and your freedom.

Here to Fight For You

For years, Dean Law Group P.C. has been defending individuals accused of all types of drug offenses, including possession, manufacturing, conspiracy to commit various drug offenses, distribution, transporting controlled substances (or imitations), possession of a firearm while in possession of drugs, and more. If you or a loved one is facing a drug-related criminal charge, get in touch with our experienced attorney right away. We’re here to fight vigorously for you, always striving to achieve the best possible outcome based on the particular facts of your case.

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