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Property Offenses (Theft) Defense Attorney — Portland

Seasoned Criminal Defense Firm Serving Portland Clients Facing Property Offenses and Theft Charges

In Oregon, a person can be charged with theft if there is reason to suspect that the individual knowingly took property from the rightful owner, extorts someone in order to obtain property, or deceives someone into handing over their property. To prove that a crime of theft or fraud was committed, prosecutors will need to prove that it was your intention to consciously defraud someone of their property or belongings. If you are currently facing property offenses or theft charges in the greater Portland area, Dean Law Group P.C. is here to protect your rights and help you secure the best outcome possible given the circumstances.

Penalties for Property Offenses

So-called property offenses, including theft and fraud, can vary dramatically and bring penalties ranging from years of incarceration to mere fines for minor offenses. The seriousness of the theft charge is usually determined by the value of the property that was allegedly taken, as well as other relevant factors, including whether the defendant has prior convictions on their criminal record. Depending on the nature of the crime, theft offenses can be categorized as misdemeanor or felony crimes, carrying significant consequences. No matter what your situation may be, reach out to Dean Law Group P.C. as soon as possible to discuss your options and ensure that your freedoms are protected.

In Your Corner at All Times

Dean Law Group P.C. has successfully represented individuals who have faced all types of property offenses charges. We’ve handled cases involving robbery, burglary, forgery, retail theft, shoplifting, carjacking, embezzlement, credit card theft, insurance fraud, welfare fraud, criminal trespassing, breaking and entering, and more. Our knowledgeable legal team understands how anxious you may be feeling, as your future and your freedom may feel out of your hands. Call Dean Law Group P.C. right now to speak to a skilled criminal defense lawyer who will guide you through the legal process and fight hard to defend your rights every step of the way.

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