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Sex Offenses Defense Attorney — Portland

Defending the Rights and Reputations of Portland Clients Facing Sex Offenses Charges

Being accused of a sex offense carries a heavy stigma, and intense feelings of anxiety, embarrassment, and shame are completely understandable. Sex offenses are notoriously challenging to prove, as it often comes down to one person’s word against yours. However, a sex offense conviction typically carries weighty consequences and can severely limit your housing and employment options. Additionally, your reputation is likely to suffer from such charges, even if you are not convicted. Dean Law Group P.C. is here to help you defend your freedom and your reputation while striving to secure you the best possible outcome.

Fighting Societal Stigma

Simply being accused of a sex offense has significant implications beyond potential incarceration or steep fines. Such accusations often cause others to automatically assume you are guilty long before your case actually reaches the courtroom. Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side can limit the public exposure of your case and give you the support you need to successfully defend yourself against these serious accusations. Over the years, Dean Law Group P.C. has successfully represented clients facing a variety of sex crime allegations and charges, including: sexual assault; rape; sex abuse; statutory rape and unlawful intercourse; indecent exposure; internet-related sex offenses, including possession of child pornography (in both state and federal courts); and more. No matter which specific charges you are facing, contact our office right away to ensure that you understand your rights.

Advocating For Your Future

If you are currently dealing with sex offense charges, call Dean Law Group P.C. to arrange a free and confidential conversation with a dedicated criminal defense attorney. We will listen carefully to your side of the story and help you understand what to expect from the legal process. Most importantly, you can rest assured that you have a team of experienced, aggressive, and reliable criminal defense trial professionals protecting your rights and fighting hard for your future.

Get Started

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